Bright water C.O.P.S

Bright Water Community Oriented Police Service.
Bright Water participates in the Gwinnett County C.O.P.S. neighborhood watch program. This program is designed to keep neighborhoods safe through cooperation between the Gwinnett County Police and residents. We make residents and police aware of scams, break-ins and other risks in order to warn our community and provide information to police that may help to apprehend criminals.

Suspicious Activity

Don't be scammed

Drive safely

Report Vandalism

Report incidents

If you see a crime in the process of being committed dial 911 immediately.

If you have information about a crime - contact Gwinnett County Police on 770-513-5000

If you see suspicious activity, unsafe driving within the sub-division or potential scams- report to your C.O.P.S coordinator

Bright Water C.E.R.T

Bright Water Community Emergency Response Team.

Bright Water participates in the Gwinnett County C.E.R.T. emergency preparedness program. This program is designed to prepare residents for the unexpected - tornadoes, floods, brush fires and terrorist situations.


Recent alerts

These are recent alerts and warnings for our area.
Please check back regularly to keep up to date with risks affecting our community. view all

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