Lake matthews

Lake Matthews is a private 53 acre man-made lake in Bright Water sub-division, Gwinnett County. It is home to a wide range of wildlife and is used by residents for boating, fishing, photography, and wildlife observation. Each Spring we have our annual Shore Sweep, which helps to keep the Lake looking beautiful.

Lake Matthews is a private lake for Bright Water residents use only.

fish and wildlife

Canada Geese
Lake Matthews is regularly home to Canada Geese that nest around the shores.
Blue Heron
We are occasionally visited by a Blue Heron, a large, beautiful but fairly shy bird.
You may see a Cormorant drying its wings on the shore. These birds dive into the water to catch fish however they have to spread their wings in the sun to dry off.
We have at least one beaver in the Lake. It is very rare to actually see them however you can see evidency around the lakeshore that they have been eating through trees in the hope that they will fall into the water in a way that would allow the beaver to build a lodge.
Lake Matthews is stocked with fish and is home to Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Shad and Minnows.
There are snakes living around the Lake, including both harmless Water Snakes and the less harmless Copperheads. During the warmer months it is important to take care when walking through undergrowth around the shoreline.

using the lake

We do have regulations in order to ensure safety and to make sure that the Lake is kept in good condition.
Please follow these guidelines and, if you see others violating them, let the Property Manager know. Lake Regulations

boat storage

There is a Boat Storage area on the Lake shore behind the tennis courts. This is for storage of current Bright Water residents' boats only. Boats can be stored in this area provided they have a Decal and the annual $25 Boat Storage Fee has been paid. Boats must not obstruct the pathways to the Lake and must be stored so they will not accumulate rainwater or debris.