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Privacy Policy
Email addresses, telephone numbers and home addresses will only be used by the Bright Water HOA for communicating matters of interest and significance to our residents. We will not make any of this information available to any third party. The Users of this site must not directly or indirectly use the Residents Directory for any business or marketing purpose.

Copyright Material.

Material on this site is collectively the copyright of Bright Water HOA, and individually the copyright of the original author. If you, as a User of this site, place any copyrighted material on the site then this may be taken down by the site administrator, whether as the result of a DMCA takedown request or not. If you place any material on this site for which you are the original author then you are giving permission for the site to display such material without payment to you or any third party. If any copyright material is placed on the site by a User, the Bright Water HOA disclaims any responsibility for such placement and will fully cooperate with copyright owners to remove such material.

Fair Use.

This site is for the use of current Bright Water residents only. The site is "family friendly" and no adult, objectionable or discriminatory material may be posted. The site may not be used for political mailings, recruitment to political parties or religious organizations, marketing products or services (other than as explicitly provided in the Marketplace and Classified sections of the site).The Forum is intended for courteous and helpful dialog between Bright Water residents and any User that posts material that does not fit within this definition may be banned from the site.

No Right of Access.

Bright Water HOA is providing this web site as a resource for Bright Water residents but not as a service. Bright Water HOA has no obligation to provide access to any resident and reserves the right not to grant access to residents, provided only that the decision not to grant access shall not be based on any race, religious, sexual preference or other social, religious or political discrimination.

Digital Millenium Copyright Act notifications or notifications of improper use may be sent to:

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